Unique Creative & Catchy Salon Name Ideas & suggestions

Salon Name Ideas: Naming your hair salon is an exciting step in starting your business. But finding a name that is unique, creative, and represents your brand can be challenging. An impactful salon name piques customer interest, reflects your styling expertise, and helps attract your ideal clientele.

With hundreds of salons out there, it’s important to pick a name that helps you stand out from competitors.

This comprehensive guide offers numerous unique and creative salon name ideas spanning various categories. From fun and quirky names to chic and sophisticated options, we’ve curated an extensive list of salon name suggestions for your inspiration.

Whether you want to incorporate your own name, focus on trendy styles and colors, or identify with different eras – we’ve got you covered.

Discover everything from short and snappy single word names to eloquent multi-word salon names that make a statement.

Identify the perfect name that encapsulates your brand identity and sparks interest in your services. With our list as your guide, you are sure to find a salon name that reflects your creativity and conveys your unique vision to potential clients in your area.

Best Salon Name Ideas:

Unique Creative & Catchy Salon Name Ideas & suggestions
Unique Creative & Catchy Salon Name Ideas & suggestions

creative and memorable salon names can be challenging. Our list of the 50 best salon names provides elegant, prestigious, and visionary name options to establish your brand identity.

  1. Allure Salon
  2. Beauty Mark Salon
  3. Brilliant Styles
  4. Classic Cuts
  5. Clipz Salon
  6. Cutting Edge Salon
  7. Dynamic Designs
  8. Fashion Fringe Salon
  9. Glam Salon
  10. Gloss Salon
  11. Hair Architects
  12. Iconic Styles
  13. Image Salon
  14. Locks Salon
  15. Lovely Locks
  16. Luxe Strands
  17. Majestic Styles
  18. Mode Salon
  19. Premiere Salon
  20. Refinery Salon
  21. Runway Styles
  22. Scissor Expert Salon
  23. Shear Artistry
  24. Signature Salon
  25. Sleek Looks
  26. Snip Salon
  27. Sophisticut Salon
  28. Strand Studio
  29. Style Elite Salon
  30. Stylist Studio
  31. The Look Salon
  32. The Mane Salon
  33. The Style Lounge
  34. Tressed to Kill
  35. Uppercut Salon
  36. Vogue Salon
  37. Waves Salon
  38. Shear Magic Salon
  39. The Beauty Mark
  40. Whip Salon
  41. Epic Hair Studio
  42. Luxe Locks Salon
  43. Crown Salon
  44. Mane Event Salon
  45. Locks of Luxury Salon
  46. Styled by Us Salon
  47. Divine Designs Salon
  48. Runway Styles Salon
  49. Trendsetters Salon
  50. Image Salon

Creative Salon Name Ideas:

Make your salon name stand out with artistic, innovative and imaginative names. Browse our compilation of 50 creative salon names ranging from chic to funky.

  1. Artistic Expressions Salon
  2. Bohemian Beauty Salon
  3. Chic Shop Salon
  4. Color Bar Salon
  5. Creatif Cuts
  6. Designer Locks Salon
  7. Fabulous Fringes
  8. Fashion Forward Hair Salon
  9. For Lovely Locks
  10. Hair Vision Salon
  11. Lockworks Salon
  12. Mad Style Salon
  13. Mane Studio
  14. Mode Salon
  15. Pigment Salon
  16. Posh Cuts
  17. Runway Ready Salon
  18. Salon Rouge
  19. Shear Art Salon
  20. Snippets Salon
  21. Standout Style Salon
  22. Style Scout Salon
  23. Style Station Salon
  24. Styles Galore Salon
  25. Stylist Garage Salon
  26. Texture Salon
  27. The Beauty Suite
  28. The Color Bar
  29. The Style Atelier
  30. The Stylist Studio
  31. Tress Story Salon
  32. Trendy Heads Salon
  33. Tressed to Impress
  34. Twist Salon
  35. Vintage Snips
  36. Vision Salon
  37. Avante Garde Hair
  38. Bombshell Beauty Salon
  39. Trendy Locks Salon
  40. Urban Uptown Salon
  41. Haus of Style Salon
  42. Snip & Clip Salon
  43. Salon Sage
  44. Shear Talent Salon
  45. Chroma Salon
  46. Coif Couture Salon
  47. Slay All Day Salon
  48. Stand Out Style Makers
  49. Dye-namic Salon
  50. Perfect Color Salon

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Unique Salon Name Ideas:

Make your salon pop by picking a distinctive, one-of-a-kind name from our list of 50 unique salon names. From trendsetting to avant-garde options.

  1. Dare to Dye Salon
  2. Distinctive Designs Salon
  3. Divine Locks
  4. Dream Streaks Salon
  5. Fashion Forward Salon
  6. Flawless Styles
  7. Gorgeous Locks
  8. Icon Salon
  9. In Vogue Salon
  10. Individuality Salon
  11. Inspired Tresses
  12. Lock Story Salon
  13. Love, Curly Salon
  14. Luxe Follicles
  15. Mane Design Salon
  16. Marquee Styles
  17. Model Strands Salon
  18. One of a Kind Cuts
  19. Original Locks Salon
  20. Perfect Tresses Day Spa
  21. Precision Cut
  22. Rebel Cuts Salon
  23. Reveal Salon
  24. Revert Salon
  25. Revolutionary Styles
  26. Ruler Hair Salon
  27. Runway Locks
  28. Statement Salon
  29. Style Blazers
  30. Style Code Salon
  31. Style Scout Hair Studio
  32. Stylemap Salon
  33. Stylework Studio
  34. Swank Salon
  35. Swagger Salon
  36. Texture Studio
  37. The Rare Salon
  38. The Reinvented Salon
  39. Trend Originators Salon
  40. Twist and Shout Salon
  41. Unequaled Locks Salon
  42. Unrivaled Style Salon
  43. Untamed Tresses Salon
  44. Unparalleled Hair Studio
  45. Uncharted Cuts
  46. One and Only Styles Salon
  47. Distinctive Locks Salon
  48. Signature Style Salon
  49. Avant Garde Atelier
  50. Imaginatively You Salon

Catchy Salon Name Ideas:

Choose a catchy, attention-grabbing salon name from our list of 50 options. Pick one that is snappy, clever or rhyming to make it memorable.

  1. Amazing Locks
  2. Bombshell Beauty Salon
  3. Brilliant Cuts
  4. Chroma Salon
  5. Cocoon Salon
  6. Coiffed Salon
  7. Curly Q Salon
  8. Cutting Crew Salon
  9. Flaunt Salon
  10. Flawless Locks
  11. Glam Salon
  12. Glitz & Glam Hair Lounge
  13. Got Style? Salon
  14. Iconic Styles
  15. Imagine Salon
  16. It’s a Clip! Salon
  17. Krushed Salon
  18. Lavish Locks Salon
  19. Life of the Party Salon
  20. Lock It Up Salon
  21. Lockstars Salon
  22. Lustre Salon
  23. Luxelooks Salon
  24. Lively Locks Salon
  25. Lovely Locks Salon
  26. Mane Attraction
  27. Mane Event Salon
  28. Posh and Trim Salon
  29. Pretty Flipped Salon
  30. Profile by Salon
  31. Project Hair Salon
  32. Runway Ready Salon
  33. Salon de Beauté
  34. Shear Art Salon
  35. Silk Salon
  36. Sleek Salon
  37. Snap Salon
  38. Starr Salon
  39. Style Lounge Salon
  40. The Beehive Salon
  41. The Bomb Salon
  42. The Look Salon
  43. The Strand Salon
  44. Tonsorial Parlor
  45. Topnotch Salon
  46. Tress Chic Salon
  47. Trim Salon
  48. Twisted Salon
  49. Vintage Snips
  50. Vivacious Locks

Modern Salon Name Ideas:

Contemporary, sleek salon names can reflect your modern sensibilities. Take inspiration from our list of 50 forward-thinking, edgy salon name ideas.

  1. Angles Salon
  2. Aura Salon
  3. Blunt Salon
  4. Bravado Salon
  5. Conic Salon
  6. Curvaceous Locks
  7. Curve Salon
  8. Discern Salon
  9. Disruption Salon
  10. Dressed Hair Salon
  11. Dry Salon
  12. Dye Lab
  13. Edge Salon
  14. Essence Salon
  15. Frames Salon
  16. Fuse Salon
  17. ID Salon
  18. Influx Salon
  19. Lather Lounge
  20. Lineup Salon
  21. Minimal Salon
  22. Moxie Salon
  23. Nectar Beauty Bar
  24. Nova Salon
  25. Paragon Salon
  26. Pivot Salon
  27. Posh Salon
  28. Purity Salon
  29. Radius Salon
  30. Refine Salon
  31. Revision Salon
  32. Revolt Salon
  33. Revolve Salon
  34. Serene Salon
  35. Shift Salon
  36. Symmetry Salon
  37. Therma Salon
  38. Titanium Salon
  39. Triangle Salon
  40. Trio Salon
  41. Verge Salon
  42. Vertex Salon
  43. Vibe Salon
  44. Villainess Salon
  45. Wavelengths Salon
  46. Westone Salon
  47. Wisp Salon
  48. Zen Salon
  49. Zest Salon
  50. Flair Salon

Traditional Salon Name Ideas:

Establish a refined elegance with old-school salon names. Check out our list of 50 classic, vintage-inspired and traditional salon names.

  1. Alexis Salon
  2. Artisan Salon
  3. Atelier Beauty Lounge
  4. Bijou Salon
  5. Classic Beauty Parlor
  6. Classic Cuts
  7. Coiffeur Salon
  8. Couture Salon
  9. Curl Shoppe
  10. Della Donna Salon
  11. Designer Salon
  12. Elegant Styles
  13. Elite Salon
  14. Emilio’s
  15. Fringe salon
  16. Glamour Salon
  17. Graceful Locks
  18. Grand Beauty Parlor
  19. Ideal Image Salon
  20. La Femme Salon
  21. Locks of Class
  22. Majesty Salon
  23. Monica Rose Salon
  24. Olivia Salon
  25. Paragon Salon
  26. Posh Salon
  27. Pretty Parlor
  28. Refinery Salon
  29. Serenity Salon
  30. Shear Perfection Salon
  31. Signature Style Salon
  32. Simplicity Hair Lounge
  33. Strand Studio
  34. Style Lounge
  35. The Mane Salon
  36. Toni & Guy
  37. Topstyler Salon
  38. Trendsetters Hair Studio
  39. VIP Salon
  40. Vintage Locks
  41. Visage Salon
  42. Glamhouse Salon
  43. Elle Salon
  44. Persona Salon
  45. Ambiance Salon
  46. Allure Salon
  47. Timeless Styles Salon
  48. Classique Salon
  49. Coiffure Salon
  50. Ideal Salon

Funny Salon Name Ideas:

Pick a fun, quirky name for your salon from our selection of 50 humorous and entertaining salon name ideas to give your clients a good laugh.

  1. Curl Up & Dye Salon
  2. Hair Today Salon
  3. Mane Event Salon
  4. Shear Madness Salon
  5. The Mane Attraction Salon
  6. The Chop Shop
  7. Totally Clips Salon
  8. Shear Delight Salon
  9. Locks of Love Salon
  10. Tresses to Impress Salon
  11. Cut Ups
  12. Color Me Crazy Salon
  13. Dye Another Day Salon
  14. Dye Hard Salon
  15. Dye it Loud Salon
  16. Dye Version Salon
  17. Get Fro’d Salon
  18. Hair Goals Salon
  19. Hair Today Gone Tomorrow Salon
  20. Hairicanes Salon
  21. Hairy Tales Salon
  22. Head Turners Salon
  23. Curl Friends Salon
  24. Bad Hair Day Salon
  25. Blown Away Salon
  26. Braid Force One Salon
  27. Crimpin’ My Style Salon
  28. Cutie Pies Salon
  29. All Dolled Up Salon
  30. Beehive Salon
  31. Bouffant Salon
  32. Funky Divas Salon
  33. Glam Spa Salon
  34. Got Locks? Salon
  35. Hot Headz Salon
  36. Ibiza Salon
  37. Just Extensions Salon
  38. Lip Gloss Salon
  39. Lockdown Salon
  40. Lookup Salon
  41. Major Flips Salon
  42. MopTops Salon
  43. Perm Parlor
  44. Rage Salon
  45. Split Endz Salon
  46. Tress Stress Salon
  47. Updo’s and Don’ts Salon
  48. Weave Gotcha Covered Salon
  49. Whip Salon
  50. Wig Out Salon

Here are some FAQs on unique and creative salon name ideas:

Q: What makes a good salon name?

A: A name that is memorable, describes your services, conveys your style and personality. Short, catchy names using puns or rhymes work well.

Q: Should my salon name include words like “salon”, “style”, “beauty”?

A: It’s not mandatory, but including descriptive words can make it clear it’s a salon name.

Q: What are some tips for creating unique salon names?

A: Incorporate your name, use made-up words, cultural references, combine two words innovatively, use locale references.

Q: How can I make my salon name sound chic and sophisticated?

A: Use elegant French words like “salon”, “studio”, words like “locks”, “styles”, naming after founder etc.

Q: What are some examples of popular franchise salon names?

A: Supercuts, Sport Clips, Great Clips, Fantastic Sams, First Choice Haircutters, Cost Cutters, Snip-Its etc.

Q: Should I check if my salon name is available as a web domain?

A: Yes, ensure the exact .com of your salon name is available so you can build your online presence.

Q: Can I change my salon name later if I want a rebrand?

A: Yes, you can legally change your salon’s name whenever you want through the required business name change process.

Q: What words should I avoid in my salon name?

A: Avoid words with negative connotations like “Cheap”. Don’t use names too similar to big brands to prevent trademark issues.

Q: How can I make my salon name stand out from local competitors?

A: Research names of existing nearby salons. Pick a name distinctly different from competitors by being more creative.

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