300+ Unique Tattoo Studio Name Ideas | Tattoo Shop Name Ideas and Suggestions

Tattoo Studio Name Ideas: Opening a tattoo shop is an exciting venture, but one of the most daunting tasks is choosing the perfect name. The name you pick will be the first impression potential customers have of your business, so it’s important to choose something memorable and meaningful. Coming up with a creative, catchy tattoo shop name can be a fun but challenging process.

When brainstorming name ideas, consider what would uniquely represent your tattoo studio’s style and personality. The name should reflect the vibe of your shop and the type of designs and artwork you specialize in.

For example, a studio focusing on bold traditional designs might choose a classic or retro name, while a shop specializing in fine line or watercolor tattoos could opt for something more delicate and artistic.

The name should also take into account your target audience. Are you looking to attract a younger crowd into your urban-inspired shop? Or appeal to a high-end clientele with your custom tattoo designs? Identifying your ideal customers will help guide you toward a name they’ll connect with.

Unique Tattoo Shop Name Ideas Tattoo Studio Name Ideas and Suggestions
Unique Tattoo Shop Name Ideas Tattoo Studio Name Ideas and Suggestions

To get your creative juices flowing, we’ve gathered an extensive list of unique tattoo shop name ideas. From catchy to clever, artistic to edgy, we’ve covered an array of options to inspire your naming process. Modern trends, popular themes, witty puns – there’s something for every type of tattoo studio.

Keep in mind your shop’s brand and do your research to ensure the name is available, not already trademarked. Once you land on the perfect tattoo shop moniker, you can take the necessary steps to legally register your business name. With your eye-catching new title, you’ll be that much closer to opening day!

Unique Tattoo Studio Name Ideas

Finding a unique and memorable name for your tattoo studio can help attract new clients and stand out. Consider names that capture your style, specialty, or brand.

  • Inkredible
  • Tattoo Paradise
  • Body Art Studio
  • Permanent Ink
  • Skin Illustrations
  • Marked Forever
  • Forever Tattooed
  • Leave Your Mark
  • Illustrated Skin
  • Ink Gallery
  • Tat Emporium
  • The Ink Spot
  • Painted Soul
  • Tattoo Empire
  • Ink Unlimited
  • Tattoo Haven
  • Body Canvas
  • Paint My Skin
  • Ink Addiction
  • Tattoo Sanctuary
  • Illustrated Life
  • Inkaholics
  • Tattoo Dreams
  • Skin Artistry
  • Inkology
  • Tattoo Galaxy
  • Permanent Art
  • Tattoo Planet
  • Ink Lab
  • Custom Ink
  • Tattoo Factory
  • My Tattoo Shop
  • Tattoo Central
  • Body Illustrations
  • Artistic Ink

Morden tattoo studio names ideas

Using modern and trendy words in your tattoo studio name ideas can give it a stylish, up-to-date feel. Consider names inspired by current tattoo trends and styles.

  • Urban Ink
  • Modern Marks
  • Fresh Ink
  • Contemporary Tattoos
  • Ink Now
  • Today’s Tattoos
  • Modern Art Tattoo
  • Avant Tattoo
  • Nouveau Ink
  • Contemporary Body Art
  • Modern Tattoo Parlor
  • New Age Ink
  • Current Tattoos
  • Up to Date Tattoos
  • Trendy Tattoos
  • Fashionable Ink
  • Stylish Tattoos
  • Hip Tattoos
  • Chic Ink
  • Uptown Tattoo
  • Downtown Tattoo
  • City Tattoos
  • Urban Tattoos
  • Metro Ink
  • Progressive Ink
  • Fashion Ink
  • Trendsetting Tattoos
  • Contemporary Tattooing
  • Nouveau Body Art
  • Future Tattoos
  • Bold Ink

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Creativite tattoo studio names ideas

A creative tattoo studio name can be clever, artistic, and imaginative. Brainstorm names that are artistic and capture your innovative approach.

  • Creative Ink
  • Imaginative Tattoos
  • Visionary Tattoo
  • Inspired Skin Art
  • Inventive Body Art
  • Original Tattoos
  • Innovative Ink
  • Inspired Ink
  • Artistic Tattoos
  • Ingenious Tattoos
  • Resourceful Tattoos
  • Imaginative Body Art
  • Clever Tattoos
  • Inventive Ink
  • Visionary Body Art
  • Creative Skin Art
  • Groundbreaking Tattoos
  • Pioneering Tattoos
  • Innovative Body Art
  • Novel Tattoos
  • Singular Tattoos
  • One of a Kind Ink
  • Customized Tattoos
  • Bespoke Tattoos
  • Imaginative Ink
  • Unique Tattooing
  • Custom Body Art
  • Tailored Ink
  • Exclusive Tattoos

Cool and Trendy Tattoo Shop Names ideas

Selecting a cool, on-trend name for your Tattoo Studio name ideas helps create buzz and interest. Focus on names inspired by current cultural references and slang terms.

  • Cool Ink
  • Trendy Tattoo
  • Hip Tattoos
  • Funky Ink
  • Rad Tattoos
  • Awesome Ink
  • Dope Tattoos
  • Sick Tattoos
  • Fresh Ink
  • Cool Tattooing
  • Gnarly Ink
  • Bomb Tattoos
  • Hip Body Art
  • Phresh Tattoos
  • Fly Tattoos
  • Groovy Tattoos
  • Way Cool Tattoos
  • Chill Ink
  • Smooth Ink
  • Hype Tattoos
  • Poppin’ Tattoos
  • Hot Ink
  • On Point Tattoos
  • Now Tattoos
  • Today’s Ink
  • Buzzin’ Tattoos
  • Hella Tight Ink
  • Lit Tattoos
  • Crispy Ink
  • Radical Tattooing

Catchy Tattoo Studio Name Ideas

Choosing a catchy, attention-grabbing name for your Tattoo Studio name ideas makes it more memorable. Opt for names with rhyming, alliteration, or distinctive word combinations.

  • Inkcredible
  • Tats R Us
  • Permanent Ink
  • Artistic Imprints
  • Leave Your Mark
  • Painted Souls
  • Tattoo Palace
  • Ink Unlimited
  • Illustrated Skin
  • Body Canvas
  • Addicted to Ink
  • Tattoo Dreams
  • Skin Illustrations
  • Custom Body Art
  • Ink Lab
  • My Tattoo Shop
  • Tattoo Central
  • Precision Ink
  • Inkaholics
  • Tattoo Galaxy
  • Illustrated Life
  • Tat Emporium
  • The Ink Spot
  • Tattoo Planet
  • Ink Gallery

Best Tattoo Studio Name Ideas

Picking the best name for your tattoo studio requires considering your brand, specialty, and target audience. Make sure it encompasses your vision and style.

  • Master Ink
  • Premier Tattoos
  • Elite Body Art
  • Finest Tattooing
  • Superior Ink
  • Best in Class Tattoos
  • Unrivaled Tattoos
  • Ultimate Tattoo
  • Tattoo Perfection
  • Top Notch Ink
  • Unsurpassed Tattoos
  • Unparalleled Body Art
  • Tattoo Supremacy
  • First Rate Tattoos
  • Prime Tattoos
  • Tattoo Prominence
  • Tattoo Pinnacle
  • Quintessential Tattoos
  • Definitive Tattoos
  • Consummate Tattoos
  • Tattoo Zenith
  • Tattoo Acme
  • Peerless Ink
  • Tattoo Royalty
  • Tattoo Excellence

Clever and Witty Tattoo Shop Names ideas

Clever wordplay and witty names can make your tattoo shop’s name stand out. Come up with distinctive puns or creative combinations.

  • Inkognito
  • Inkredible
  • Wicked Ink
  • Tattooz R Us
  • Skin Deep
  • Leave Your Mark
  • Illustrated Man
  • Painted Soul
  • Permanent Inkspot
  • Addicted to Ink
  • Inkaholic
  • Tattoo Planet
  • Ink Unlimited
  • Inkspired
  • Precise Ink
  • My Tattoo Haven
  • Ink Central
  • Tattoo Galaxy
  • Artistic Imprints
  • Illustrated Life
  • Custom Skin Art
  • Skin Illustrations
  • The Ink Lab
  • Tattoo Paradise

Funny Tattoo Shop Names

Funny tattoo shop names use humor and amusement to attract new clients. Consider ironic, parody, or satirical names.

  • Ink Sanity
  • Wacky Tats
  • Zany Ink
  • Nutty Tattoos
  • Looney Tunes Tattoo
  • Crazy Ink
  • Wild Tattoos
  • Lunatic Ink
  • Deranged Tattoos
  • Psycho Tattoos
  • Maniacal Ink
  • Cuckoo Tattoos
  • Eccentric Tattoos
  • Odd Ink
  • Peculiar Tattoos
  • Weird Ink
  • Offbeat Tattoos
  • Quirky Tattoos
  • Silly Tattoos
  • Ridiculous Tattoos
  • Absurd Tattoos

Cosmetic tattoo business name ideas

Cosmetic tattoo businesses require names representing specialization in permanent makeup applications. Consider clinical, spa-inspired or beauty-focused names.

  • Permanent Beauty
  • Lasting Look Ink
  • Everlasting Image
  • Enduring Impression
  • Constant Image Tattoo
  • Continuous Beauty
  • Perpetual Look Studio
  • Ageless Image Ink
  • Ceaseless Beauty
  • Timeless Look Tattoo
  • Constant Impression Tattoo
  • Persistent Image Studio
  • Permanent Cosmetics
  • Unending Beauty
  • Continuous Look
  • Steadfast Appearance
  • Fixed Image Tattooing
  • Durable Impression Ink
  • Changeless Image Studio

Tattoo studio names ideas trending name

Researching current tattoo name trends can provide inspiration for a stylish, fashionable tattoo studio name Ideas. Look at competitors for ideas.

  • Inkredible
  • Skin Deep
  • Leave Your Mark
  • Painted Soul
  • Tattoo Planet
  • Permanent Inkspot
  • Illustrated Life
  • Custom Skin Art
  • The Ink Lab
  • Ink Unlimited
  • My Tattoo Haven
  • Tattoo Galaxy
  • Artistic Imprints
  • Tattooz R Us
  • Wicked Ink
  • Addicted to Ink
  • Precise Ink
  • Ink Central
  • Inkspired
  • Inkaholic

Local and City Inspired Tattoos Shop Names

Local city or neighborhood names in your tattoo studio name ideas title helps connect with the community. Include regionally significant words.

  • NYC Ink
  • LA Ink
  • Chicago Tattoos
  • Austin Body Art
  • Dallas Tattoo Company
  • Boston Tattoo Parlor
  • Denver Ink
  • Nashville Tattoos
  • Portland Tattoo Shop
  • Miami Ink
  • Atlanta Tattoo Studio
  • Houston Tattoos
  • Phoenix Tattoos
  • Seattle Tattoo
  • Minneapolis Ink
  • Detroit Tattoos
  • Philadelphia Tattoo Parlor
  • Las Vegas Tattoos
  • San Francisco Body Art
  • Washington DC Tattoos

Specialty Style Tattoo Shop Names

Specialty style tattoo shop names clearly convey specific types like American traditional or watercolor. Highlight your niche.

  • Traditional Ink
  • Tribal Tattoos
  • Blackwork Tattoos
  • Geometric Tattoos
  • Watercolor Tattoos
  • Trash Polka Tattoos
  • Neo Traditional Tattoos
  • Fine Line Tattoos
  • Minimalist Tattoos
  • Mandala Tattoos
  • New School Tattoos
  • Dotwork Tattoos
  • Realism Tattoos
  • Black and Grey Tattoos
  • Japanese Tattoos
  • Old School Tattoos
  • Illustrative Tattoos
  • Biomechanical Tattoos
  • 3D Tattoos
  • Celtic Tattoos

Foreign Language Tattoo Shop Names

Foreign language or culture-inspired tattoo studio name ideas can create an exotic, unique identity. Do proper research on meanings.

  • Татуировка (Russian Tattoos)
  • Tatuaggio (Italian Tattoos)
  • Tatuaje (Spanish Tattoos)
  • Τατουάζ (Greek Tattoos)
  • 타투 (Korean Tattoos)
  • 文身 (Japanese Tattoos)
  • 纹身 (Chinese Tattoos)
  • टैटू (Hindi Tattoos)

Nature Inspired Tattoo Shop Names

Nature-related tattoo shop names using plants, animals, or organic elements help build an earthy, soothing brand image.

  • Earth Ink
  • Natural Tattoos
  • Elements Tattoo
  • Forest Body Art
  • Mountain Tattoos
  • Ocean Tattoos
  • Floral Ink
  • Botanical Tattoos
  • Wildlife Tattoos
  • Nature’s Tattoos
  • Landscape Tattoos
  • Rainforest Tattoos
  • National Park Tattoos
  • Tree Tattoos
  • Watercolor Nature Tattoos

Personal Tattoo Shop Names

Using your own name or nickname for your tattoo shop establishes a personal connection with clients. Make it intimate.

  • Family Tattoos
  • Loved Ones’ Names
  • Memorial Tattoos
  • Pet Tattoos
  • Children’s Names
  • Anniversary Tattoos
  • Wedding Date Tattoos
  • Tattoos of Meaningful Words
  • Birth Date Tattoos
  • Portrait Tattoos
  • Love Tattoos
  • Romantic Tattoos
  • Relationship Tattoos
  • Tribute Tattoos

Edgy and Bold Tattoo Shop Names

Edgy, bold tattoo shop names help create a rebellious, daring brand image. Incorporate provocative terms or slang.

  • Rebel Ink
  • Renegade Tattoos
  • Badass Tattoos
  • Dangerous Ink
  • Risky Tattoos
  • Radical Tattoos
  • Extreme Tattoos
  • Hardcore Tattoos
  • Bold Tattoos
  • Audacious Tattoos
  • Brash Tattoos
  • Unconventional Tattoos
  • Defiant Tattoos
  • Daring Tattoos
  • Provocative Tattoos
  • Edgy Tattoos
  • Cutting Edge Tattoos

Emotional Tattoo Shop Names

Emotional tattoo shop names that evoke sentimentality, love, sorrow or passion help form strong client connections.

  • Happy Ink
  • Joyful Tattoos
  • Hopeful Tattoos
  • Blissful Tattoos
  • Passionate Tattoos
  • Euphoric Tattoos
  • Optimistic Tattoos
  • Jubilant Tattoos
  • Peaceful Tattoos
  • Thankful Tattoos
  • Humble Tattoos
  • Serene Tattoos
  • Loving Tattoos
  • Compassionate Tattoos
  • Inspiring Tattoos
  • Uplifting Tattoos


Q1: How do I come up with a unique tattoo shop name?

A: Brainstorm keywords related to tattoos, ink, art, your style or specialty. Get creative with puns, blending words, or unexpected names that stand out.

Q2: Should my tattoo shop name be serious or funny?

A: It depends on the vibe you want for your shop. Some owners prefer humorous, punny names while others opt for serious names denoting artistry and skill.

Q3: What are some tips for creating a memorable tattoo shop name?

A: Use alliteration, rhyming, vivid imagery, or clever wordplay. Incorporate your specialty like “traditional” or “Japanese” or words like “ink,” “art,” “design.” Make sure it’s easy to say and spell.

Q4: How can I check if a tattoo shop name is taken?

A: Search business name databases, trademark registries, and social media sites. Google it and see if any results come up for existing businesses.

Q5: Should I get a tattoo shop name trademarked?

A: Yes, trademarking your business name protects it from others legally using it. It also builds brand credibility.

Q6: What makes a good tattoo studio slogan?

A: Effective slogans are short, memorable statements that communicate your brand identity or value proposition. For example, “Where art comes to life” or “Vibrant ink. Timeless art.”

Q7: Can I use a name that another tattoo shop in a different state is using?

A: It’s best to avoid this if possible. Having the same name, even in different regions, can create customer confusion and make marketing difficult.

Q8: How important is the name for a new tattoo business?

A: The name is very important. It’s part of your brand identity and makes a first impression on potential customers. Take your time coming up with something memorable.

Q9: Should I get input on my tattoo shop name ideas?

A: Yes, get feedback from friends, family, or business consultants before deciding. Ask if they “get” the name and what feelings it evokes.

Q10: How often do tattoo studios rebrand and change names?

A: Most keep their original name long-term. But some rebrand to refresh their image or reflect changes in services. This may mean tweaking or completely changing the name.

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