250+ Unique & Catchy Panipuri Shop Name Ideas |Panipuri/Puchka/Golgappa Shop Name Ideas

Panipuri Shop Name Ideas: Panipuri, also known as golgappa or phuchka, is a beloved chaat snack across India. These crispy, hollow puris filled with spiced potato, chickpeas, tangy tamarind water and hot spices make for an irresistible street food treat.

For those looking to open up their own panipuri food stall or shop, one of the first steps is finding a creative, catchy name.

The name you choose for your panipuri business helps shape its identity and appeal to customers. An appetizing, mouthwatering name will attract foodies craving that golgappa fix.

Meanwhile, a fun, quirky name helps your brand stick in people’s minds and spreads by word of mouth. You also want a name that’s easy to remember, simple to pronounce and reflects the lively spirit of panipuri.

To get your creative juices flowing, we’ve put together 250+ naming ideas for panipuri shops and stalls. From trendy names to traditional names, punny names to names highlighting flavor and spice, this extensive list offers plenty of catchy, tasty and unique panipuri business name options to choose from.

Find a name that whets appetites, brings a smile and showcases your shop’s delicious personality.

Best name for your panipuri shop Name Ideas:

Choose names that instantly convey the tasty, mouthwatering experience of eating panipuri/puchka/golgappa. Opt for names that sound appetizing and get customers excited.

  • Pani Puri Central
  • Golgappa Galaxy
  • Chaat Chef
  • Phuchka Planet
  • Panipuri Paradise
  • Paani Puri Plaza
  • Bhelpuri Bazaar
  • Tangy Tadka Treats
  • Spicy Pani Puri Co.
  • Golgappa Garage
  • Masala Puri Mania
  • Tangy Tamarind Panipuris
  • Paani Poorio
  • Golgappa Junction
  • Phuchka Factory
  • The Pani Puri Parlour
  • Gol Gappa Galleria
  • Chaat Station
  • Paani Puri Point
  • Golgappa Galaxy
  • Chaat Czar
  • Panipuri Paradise
  • Puchka Palace
  • Paani Puri Plaza
  • Panipuri Pit Stop
  • Guppy’s Golgappas
  • Paani Puri Central
  • Mr. Pani Puri
  • Chatpata Chaat Hub
  • Gol Gappe Ki Dukaan
  • Panipuri Wala
  • Chatkazz
  • Paanipaani
  • Golgappa Galleria
  • Panipuri Point
  • Chaat 101

Creative name for your panipuri/puchka/golgappa shop Name Ideas:

Get creative with fun twists on panipuri terminology or evocative, descriptive names that spark curiosity. A creative name helps your shop stand out.

  • Golgappa Galaxy
  • Tangy Tadka Treats
  • Paani Puri Plaza
  • Spicy Pani Puri Co.
  • Chaat Chef
  • Phuchka Planet
  • Panipuri Paradise
  • Puchka Palace
  • Bhelpuri Bazaar
  • Masala Puri Mania
  • Paani Poorio
  • Phuchka Factory
  • Chatpata Chaat Hub
  • Paanipaani
  • Panipuri Pit Stop
  • Guppy’s Golgappas
  • Chatpata Chaat Shack
  • Panipuri Paradise
  • Puchka Planet
  • Chaat Garage
  • Golgappa Galaxy
  • Panipuri Central Station
  • Mr. Pani Puri
  • Tangy Tamarind Golgappas
  • Masala Puri Mania
  • Paani Poori Junction
  • Spicy Pani Puri Co.
  • Phuchka Fiesta

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Unique name for your panipuri/puchka/golgappa shop Name Ideas:

Craft a distinctive, one-of-a-kind name by emphasizing your specific region, history, or specialty golgappa offerings. A unique name builds your brand identity.

  • Pani Puri World
  • Planet Golgappa
  • Wow Bhelpuri
  • Paani Puri Planet
  • Number 1 Chaat Spot
  • Best Panipuri in Town
  • Golgappa Champions
  • Chaat Wizard
  • Phuchka Pros
  • Spice Master Chaat
  • Taste of Mumbai Street Food
  • Paanipurilegends
  • Authentic Marathi Panipuri
  • Traditional Phuchka of Kolkata
  • Royal Indian Street Chaat
  • Desi Dhaba Golgappa
  • Flavor Junction Panipuri
  • Tantalizing Tamarind Paani Puris
  • Art of Phuchka
  • Trusted Puchka Since 1990
  • Home of Juicy Golgappas
  • Planet Panipuri
  • Original Paani Puri Wala
  • True Taste of India Chaat

Catchy name for your panipuri/puchka/golgappa shop Name Ideas:

Catchy, rhythmic names using alliteration, rhyming, wordplay or humor stick in customers’ minds and generate buzz for your shop

  • Puchkapalooza
  • ChaatMania
  • Paan-ipuri
  • Gappa Junior
  • Open Wide for a Golgappa Ride
  • Paani Puri Party
  • Gol Gappa Bites
  • Burst of Flavor Golgappas
  • Phat Phuchkas
  • Crackle & Pop Panipuri
  • Chaat Champs
  • Tingling Tastebuds Panipuri
  • Tangy Tapri
  • Spicy ‘n’ Sweet Panipuris
  • ‘Burst in Your Mouth’ Paani Puri
  • Craveable Paani Poori
  • Addictive Panipuri
  • Magic in Every Bite
  • Tantalizing Taste Buds Since 1990
  • Where Chaat Dreams Come True
  • Daily Dose of Golgappa
  • Generation to Generation Panipuri
  • Tradition Meets Innovation Chaat

Traditional name for your panipuri/puchka/golgappa shop Name Ideas:

Highlight your traditional chaat street food heritage and authenticity with a classic, timeless name customers recognize and trust.

  • A Taste of Tradition Panipuri
  • Old World Indian Chaat
  • Heritage Paani Puri
  • Traditional Phuchka Handi
  • Authentic Mumbai Street Snacks
  • Classic Bhel Puri
  • Legacy Panipuri Wala
  • Timeless Flavors Panipuri
  • Vintage Street Food Experience
  • Old Delhi Chaat Tradition
  • Iconic Kolkata Puchkas
  • Generations of Golgappas
  • Original Bombay Chat Stall
  • Classic Indian Paani Puri
  • Traditional Pani Puri Parlour
  • Trusted Street Chaat Spot
  • Proudly Serving Paani Puri Since 1947
  • Real Deal Panipuri Purveyors
  • Old Style Handi Phuchkas
  • Authentic Pani Puri Like Grandma Made
  • Old Bombay Pani Puri Favorites

Funny name for your panipuri/puchka/golgappa shop Name Ideas:

Humorous or punny names can make your shop seem approachable and put smiles on customers’ faces. Just ensure the name isn’t too silly.

  • Poke The Pani Puri
  • Pop Goes the Golgappa
  • Chaat Me If You Can
  • Tinkle, Tickle, Tasty Golgappa
  • Frankly, My Dear, I Love Phuchkas
  • Gone in 60 Seconds Panipuri
  • Make Golgappa Great Again
  • Paani Puri Problems
  • Chaat Life Crisis
  • Phuchka Therapy
  • Follow Your Golgappa Dreams
  • Chaat So Hard University
  • Breakup? Have a Pani Puri
  • Shah Rukh Khan of Panipuri
  • Eat, Pray, Chaat
  • Once You Pop, You Can’t Stop
  • FOMO – Fear of Missing Out On Golgappa
  • Can’t Think, Eating Panipuri
  • Mindful Munching Panipuri
  • Don’t Worry, Eat Golgappa

key elements in panipuri shop names are:

  • Reference to panipuri, puchka, golgappa in name
  • Use of words like paani, pani, spice, chatpata, masala
  • Names that evoke India street food – bazaar, galleria, dukaan
  • Creative spins on panipuri – poori, guppy, gappa
  • Evokes sensory elements – tangy, tasty, chaat

The goal is a fun, appetizing name that connects to the tasty, flavorful treat that is panipuri

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