250 + Best and catchy Names for a Book Club

Names for a Book Club: Starting a book club can be an enriching and fun experience. It allows you to meet new people, discover great books, and have thoughtful discussions. However, one of the first steps is coming up with a name for your book club.

The name you choose sets the tone for the club and becomes part of its identity. When brainstorming name ideas, there are a few key tips to keep in mind.

First, you want the name to reflect the purpose of the group. For instance, if it’s a general book club open to all types of books, something like “The Page Turners” or “Book Worms” is fitting.

If your club focuses on a specific genre or type of book, the name should represent that. Examples include “Mystery Lovers” for crime fiction or “Poetry Fanatics” for poem enthusiasts.

Second, you want something catchy and memorable. Literary puns or plays on words likeNovel Ideas or “Plot Twisters” make for clever club names that people will remember. You also want to keep it short and simple rather than wordy titles that are hard to recall.

Lastly, give your members input and vote on options. This gives everyone ownership in the club name and what it will represent.

Some other fun ideas to consider are incorporating your local city or street name like “Main Street Book Club” or favorite author last names like “The Austen Admirers.” With a thoughtful name that fits your club’s personality, you’ll be off to a great start!

Best Names for a Book Club

Choosing the perfect Names for a Book Club is important to capture the spirit of your group. Here are 50 of the best options that are interesting, engaging, and descriptive.

  1. The Page Turners
  2. Plot Twist
  3. Literary Links
  4. Story Tellers
  5. Book Bugs
  6. Coffee and Chapters
  7. Novel Ideas
  8. Cover to Cover
  9. Shelf Indulgence
  10. Bound to Read
  11. Readaholics
  12. Chapter Chicks
  13. The Cliffhangers
  14. Book Nerds
  15. Well Read
  16. Between the Lines
  18. Paperback Paradise
  19. Story Line
  20. Novel Notions
  21. Fabulous Fiction
  22. Novel Ideas
  23. Readers Unlimited
  24. Turning Pages
  25. Literary Lounge
  26. The Bluestockings
  27. Book Binge
  28. Chapter Club
  29. Story Weavers
  30. Bookish Babes
  31. Reading Ravens
  32. Book Buds
  33. Lit Ladies
  34. Prose and Poetry
  35. Narrative Neighbors
  36. Tale Spinners
  37. Wordy Wonders
  38. Literati Society
  39. Read-a-holics
  40. Spine Crackers
  41. Book Buzz
  42. Genre Junkies
  43. Page Peepers
  44. Bookmarked
  45. Bibliophiles
  46. Bookaholics
  47. Happily Ever Readers
  48. Cliffhanger Crew
  49. Literary Lovers
  50. Binding Readers

Creative Names for a Book Club

Exercise your creativity and have fun with these imaginative names for your reading group.

  1. Novel Noshers
  2. Literary Lushes
  3. Genre Junkies
  4. Binding Readers
  5. Page Peepers
  6. Story Sleuths
  7. Prose Nation
  8. Bookmarked
  9. Lit Wits
  10. Shelf Indulgence
  11. Wordy Wonders
  12. Happily Ever Readers
  13. Bookaholics
  14. Read-a-holics
  15. Reading Ravens
  16. Literary Links
  17. The Coffee Readers
  18. Between The Wines
  19. Book Buzz
  20. First Edition Fanatics
  21. Readheads
  22. Bookmarked Babes
  23. Coffee And Chapters
  24. The Bookaneers
  25. Book n’ Brews
  26. Lit Chicks
  27. Biblio-Babes
  28. Read It n’ Weep
  29. Lit Ladies
  30. Cliffhanger Crew
  31. The Bookettes
  32. Novel Knights
  33. Prose Pros
  34. Title Wave
  35. Bookish & Tipsy
  36. Lit Wits
  37. Books & Booze
  38. Turning Pages
  39. Book Binge
  40. Readventurers
  41. Chapter Chicks
  42. Bookworms After Dark
  43. Coffee Reads Cocktails
  44. Lit Sippers
  45. Brews & Books
  46. Bookies & Cookies
  47. Biblio-Cocktails
  48. Book Boozers
  49. Books on Tap
  50. By the Bookers

Unique Names for a Book Club

Choose a unique, one-of-a-kind name to make your book club stand out.

  1. Plot Twist
  2. Shelf Indulgence
  3. Prose Nation
  4. Brews & Books
  5. Bookaneers
  6. Readventurers
  7. Bookmarked Babes
  8. Book Buzz
  9. Bookish & Tipsy
  10. Readheads
  11. Bookies & Cookies
  12. First Edition Fanatics
  13. Biblio-Babes
  14. Biblio-Cocktails
  15. Books on Tap
  16. Novel Knights
  17. Title Wave
  18. Bookworms After Dark
  19. By the Bookers
  20. Coffee Reads Cocktails
  21. Book n’ Brews
  22. Read It n’ Weep
  23. Between The Wines
  24. The Bluestockings
  25. Bookmarked
  26. Story Sleuths
  27. Lit Wits
  28. Coffee and Chapters
  29. Novel Notions
  30. The Cliffhangers
  31. Readventurers
  32. Bookaholics
  33. Reading Ravens
  34. Happily Ever Readers
  35. Literary Lounge
  36. Literary Links
  37. Lit Ladies
  38. Novel Ideas
  39. The Bookettes
  40. Chapter Chicks
  41. Story Tellers
  42. Wordy Wonders
  43. Book Binge
  44. Cover to Cover
  45. Readaholics
  46. Paperback Paradise
  47. Between the Lines
  48. Turning Pages
  49. Book Buds
  50. Readheads

Catchy Names for a Book Club

Choose something memorable that encapsulates your book club’s style and personality.

  1. Brews & Books
  2. Books & Booze
  3. Books on Tap
  4. Book Buzz
  5. Page Peepers
  6. Coffee Reads Cocktails
  7. Readheads
  8. Shelf Indulgence
  9. Bookmarked
  10. Bookmarked Babes
  11. Biblio-Babes
  12. Biblio-Cocktails
  13. Bookies & Cookies
  14. Novel Knights
  15. Bookaneers
  16. Readventurers
  17. Between The Wines
  18. Cliffhanger Crew
  19. Bookworms After Dark
  20. Read It n’ Weep
  21. The Bluestockings
  22. Chapter Chicks
  23. Literary Lounge
  24. Cover to Cover
  25. Story Sleuths
  26. Coffee and Chapters
  27. The Page Turners
  28. Plot Twist
  29. Novel Notions
  30. Literary Links
  31. Story Tellers
  32. Novel Ideas
  33. Wordy Wonders
  34. Readaholics
  35. Paperback Paradise
  36. Between the Lines
  37. Turning Pages
  38. Book Buds
  39. Lit Ladies
  40. Prose Pros
  41. Title Wave
  42. Bookish & Tipsy
  43. Lit Wits
  44. Lit Chicks
  45. Reading Ravens
  46. Bookaholics
  47. Happily Ever Readers
  48. First Edition Fanatics
  49. By the Bookers
  50. Bind Readers

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Traditional Names for a Book Club

Opt for a classic, refined name that exudes sophistication.

  1. The Bluestockings
  2. Literary Society
  3. Classic Readers
  4. Book Friends
  5. Novel Thoughts
  6. Wonderful Wordsmiths
  7. Readers Delight
  8. Turning Pages Together
  9. Bound Together
  10. Reading Circle
  11. Literature Lovers
  12. Word Weavers
  13. Novel Ideas
  14. Story Tellers
  15. Prose Pros
  16. Well Read
  17. Between the Lines
  18. Shelf Indulgence
  19. Coffee and Literature
  20. Tea Time Readers
  21. Happy Readers
  22. The Reading Room
  23. Booked Together
  24. Readers Unlimited
  25. Page Turners
  26. Novel Notions
  27. Readers Guild
  28. Booked for Life
  29. Story Line
  30. Cover to Cover
  31. Chapters
  32. Literary Links
  34. Book Lovers
  35. Paperback Paradise
  36. Reading Club
  37. Book Hash
  38. Book Scribes
  39. Chapter Club
  40. Coffee and Chapters
  41. Tome Raiders
  42. Book Break
  43. Literary Lounge
  44. The Reading Club
  45. Book Group
  46. Good Books
  47. Bibliophiles
  48. Weekly Reads
  49. The Reading Circle
  50. Turning Pages

Funny Names for a Book Club

Add humor and fun to your book club with these playful and amusing names.

  1. Novel Nerds
  2. Shelfie Addicts
  3. BYOB (Bring Your Own Book)
  4. Dangerous Doses of Lit
  5. Hardbound and Easy Readers
  6. Cover Girls (or Cover Guys)
  7. Booked Nights
  8. Meet Cute and Read
  9. Caution Book-Aholics
  10. Shelf Control Issues
  11. Read It and Reap
  12. Once Upon a Time (We Read)
  13. Happily Ever Readers
  14. Readventurers
  15. The Literary Boo-zers
  16. Lost in Literature
  17. Bad Decisions and Great Stories
  18. Plot Twisters
  19. Novel Ideas
  20. Here for the Book Booze
  21. Books ‘n Booze
  22. Wine Down and Read Up
  23. Booked and Busy
  24. Stay Curious, Keep Reading
  25. Adventure Awaits on Each Page
  26. Drinking Books and Spilling Tea
  27. Snacks and Stories
  28. Introvert’s Book Club: Party of 1
  29. Shhh…No Small Talk, Just Books
  30. All Booked Up
  31. Booked Solid
  32. Between the Wines
  33. BYOT (Bring Your Own Tea)
  34. Stay Home and Read
  35. Book Lovers Unanonymous
  36. Shelfies Anonymous
  37. Caution: Bookworm Crossing
  38. Coffee Addicts & Book Pushers
  39. Cats, Books and Naps
  40. Booked and Busy
  41. Bookworms Unite
  42. Wine Between the Lines
  43. Booked Weekends
  44. Page, Wine, and Thyme
  45. Lit N’ Libations
  46. Booked & Bubbly
  47. Plotheads
  48. Beyond the Book Club
  49. BookedAF
  50. Drink Books, Not Boys

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Starting Your Own Book Club: A Beginner’s Guide

Joining a book club can be an incredibly rewarding and fun experience. Sharing insights with others leads to stimulating discussions that add depth to your reading journey. If you’re looking to start your own club, here are some tips to get going:

Why Join a Book Club?

Connecting with fellow bookworms allows you to discover new perspectives. You’ll be exposed to titles and genres you may not have considered before. Discussing themes leads to self-reflection. A book club provides motivation to read consistently. You’ll also make new friends who share your passion for literature!

Finding Members

Reach out to avid readers in your existing social circles as a starting point. Promote the club on social media and community bulletin boards. Consider partnering with a local library or bookstore to attract enthusiasts. Set an open recruitment policy that allows new members to join at any time.

Selecting Books

Have members take turns choosing books so there’s variety. Mix up fiction and nonfiction. Keep genre preferences in mind. Have members vote from a shortlist of options. Allow 2-3 weeks between selections so there’s time to read.

Logistics to Consider

Figure out the best schedule – monthly meetings are common. Host in easily accessible places like members’ homes, a cafe, library meeting room, or online. Decide if you’ll serve refreshments. BYOB setups work for evening meetups.

Facilitating Discussion

Come prepared with a few open-ended questions about characters, themes, writing style, and relevance to spur conversation. Allow for organic dialogue while keeping discussion on track. Encourage personal anecdotes related to the book.

Creating a Welcoming Atmosphere

Agree to avoid spoilers during discussions. Welcome differing opinions. Remind members to keep phones away to stay present. Start with icebreaker questions to set a friendly tone.

Using Technology

Create a Facebook group to stay organized between meetings. Video chat with members who can’t attend in person. Maintain a group bookshelf on GoodReads. Share supplemental podcasts and links.

Sustaining Interest

Keep communication open about what’s working and what’s not. Vary meeting formats and locations. Occasionally invite the author or expert as a guest speaker. Suggest supplemental activities like movie viewings. Revitalize with new members over time.

Starting a book club is easy with the right preparation. Gather a group of passionate readers, set ground rules, find a system that works for book selection and discussion, and have fun sharing your literary journey together!

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